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Joke Tolpe
QC lab technician
Joke Tolpe

Every working day is different!

Immediately after my studies bachelor Chemistry, I could start as a lab technician in the Quality Control Lab of OmniChem. In the meantime, 8 years later, I still work here. I still find the work in the QC-lab very interesting! The fascinating part of the QC lab is that a large variety of analyses is done here. From small tests (KF, IR, titration, …) to larger ones (chromatography…) Gradually one gets the possibility to learn all the different analyses. Here every working day is different !

In the mean while my activities have expanded a lot and I also execute more lab supporting work like the management of references, the 5S co-ordination, the quality management of the peer reviews, etc. I still really enjoy my job after 8 years!

The team of lab technicians is quite large – we are with some 35 collaborators, spread over 2 to 3 shifts and several teams - but the atmosphere is fine! We are a great team!

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